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Spend a week learning from Professional Architectural and Real Estate Photographer Janet Skinner

Janet Skinner has spent the last 13 years building her successful business photographing architecture and real estate. In doing so she has perfected her craft and is considered today an artist by her clients and followers. She is also a certified Master in Photoshop hired by advertising agencies to edit and fix images other photographer have created.

If you would like to earn a six figure income working in this fast growing genre of photography, spend a week with Janet. Avoid the pitfalls of trial and error learning and start making money in your own business.

All students will ride with Janet on real shoots, spend an afternoon shooting to apply what you have been taught and learn Janet's workflow in post processing and delivery of images.

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Visa/Mastercard/Discover Accepted
Visa/Mastercard/Discover Accepted


  • Get your camera out of auto mode and into the manual mode you need to create
  • Learn and understand lighting: where it comes from and how to balance it
  • Composition and perspective
  • Basic Lightroom and Photoshop editing
  • Equipment: What specific items are needed
  • Staging


  • How and where to find clients and how to keep them
  • Booking shoots properly to insure the best results
  • Working in difficult lighting situations and how to overcome for the best results
  • Difficult composition and perspective situations
  • Advanced lighting techniques
  • Advanced Lightroom and Photoshop editing
  • Staging


  • Become more of an artist rather than just another photographer
  • The business of building a following where clients come to you
  • Advanced Photoshop techniques
  • Pricing, documents and marketing used by Janet
  • Developing a style that is recognized and talked about
  • Advance lighting techniques
  • Night and dramatic shooting
  • Advanced Staging

A Week with Janet - $1950

Architectural Photography by Janet Skinner, exterior Hudson River view

Architectural Photography by Janet Skinner, contemporary interior Hudson Valley

Architectural Photography by Janet Skinner, interior living room Hudson Valley

Architectural Photography by Janet Skinner, contemporary exterior Hudson River view

Architectural Photography by Janet Skinner, interior Hudson Valley contemporary

Architectural Photography by Janet Skinner, exterior Hudson Valley contemporary

Testimonial to Janet from a former Apprentice
June 23, 2016, I went to school for photography and I've heard all of the horror stories about how interning could be hell. My teachers in school warned me about how photographers could be stuck up and full of themselves. I was told they are mean and don't want you to talk or ask questions. Just stay out of there way and do your job. Janet was to opposite. Ive never learned so much in such a short period of time in my life. She is kind and caring but most importantly, she is a master photographer, an artist. We could be driving inbetween shoots, on a time limit and if I asked her a question that she could explain better with an example she would pull over the car for me and pull it up on her phone to make sure I could understand her. I am absolutely floored by Janet Skinner. She is like no one I've ever met. A lot of the things that my teacher taught me did not apply to architectural photography. Janet is a specialist and what I was taught in school was general photography. A lot of the things I learned in school I found out didn't work in the real world.
  What I've learned with Janet is hands on and in the field. It doesn't get any more real than that. You have to walk into it knowing that this is not all glamor. It is a lot of setting up lights and taking them down and staging (which is a lot of fun), but don't walk into this thinking its easy cause its not. However, the amount of knowledge you will gain with Janet is like a masters degree. Studying with Janet is being in a school that specializes in a specific genre of photography instead of a general photography school.
  When I found out I was going to meet Janet I went on her website to look at her work. I was amazed at her photographs. It was like you could feel her heart beating in the pictures. I knew this was someone I had to learn from. I am so glad I did because I would be so far in the dark about so many things if I had not studied with Janet. Aside from being an amazing photographer Janet is a pleasure to be around. She's sweet and truly cares if I understand what I'm learning. She puts as much of an effort into you as you put into her. Janet is truly an inspiration and I hope to be friends with Janet for many years to come. Thank you so much for everything Janet, Angela

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